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The Barefoot Butler by Norman Clark Stewart Jr.

I am The Barefoot Butler.  So much of this trilogy of novels is autobiographical that it's really almost a memoir. It's about the loss of the family farm, the loss of fortune in the Resolution Trust Crisis of the banks, fighting off the bad guys and the crack lords, coming to grips with white flight and with life among black cowboys and preachers, the changes in the arts and music, the confusion in gender roles in the LGBT community, sliding from upper to middle class and then barely surviving the market crash, patronage of the arts, and love at first sight and love from familiarity.   I change some things to protect the guilty, but at this point, I'm thinking some truth about what I've seen and experienced is timely.  If there was a mob connection or were mob connections in this account, they have all passed on.  If there are some intimate looks into the underworld, especially the world of my own drunkenness, that underworld has changed and no longer is what it was.  So, it's time to talk about how confusing all this has been to me.  What is left of the sixties? What is left of hope?  What is left of truth?  What is left of what I've been protecting all these years, the family I love, the family I lost, the family I never had the chance to create?  The Barefoot Butler spans 30 years or more of keeping a family afloat and safe, but, maybe not very well.

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